Core Aeration in upstate SC

Core Aeration – What is it and why should you do it?

Core aeration refers to the process of pulling 2.5” to 3” plugs or ‘cores’ out of the turf as a means to decrease soil compaction and increase root respiration. This is single handedly the best thing anyone can do to improve the quality of their lawn. Core aeration will result in healthier, thicker, stronger, and greener turf grass.

What time of year?

·      For Fescue lawns, we recommend aerating right before fall in upstate SC (Greenville, SC) since this will be the most active growth the grass will have all year. A good rule of thumb is September 15 – November 1. You can also combine this aeration with a reseed to fill in any gaps in your fescue turf.

·      For Bermuda and Zoysia lawns, we recommend aerating in the spring in upstate SC, ideally after April 15, as there should be no frost after this date.

What do I do with the plugs?

·      You can either take them up and top dress the lawn with topsoil or masonry sand, or leave them. They will decompose in a few weeks and have no negative affect on the lawn.

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