About Our Program – Zoysia grass

Application 1: Fertilizer: 12/15 - 2/1

This is the muscle fertilizer for the emergence of the Zoysia grass as it comes out of dormancy. It helps the grass to green up uniformly and have a steady nutrient source during the spring and beginning of summer. The lime helps to adjust the soil PH to a higher level, as our clayey soils need regularly to achieve peak grass growth.

Application 2: Pre-Emergent:  2/1-3/15

This is a pre-emergent treatment meant to control weeds that are yet to germinate in the summer. Some weeds such as crabgrass are notoriously difficult to control once they germinate, which is why this treatment is necessary.

Application 3: Pre-Emergent and Post Emergent: 3/15-5/1

This application controls broadleaf weeds which may have sprouted over the winter, as well as summer weeds which have yet to germinate. This extends the life of the pre-emergent into late summer.  The post emergent needs a couple of hours before water to be effective.  The pre-emergent needs to be watered in at some point (You can wait for rain).  Do not bag the clippings until it is watered in.  Mulching is fine.  After it is watered in, you are welcome to bag if you wish.  

Application 4: Fertilization:  5/1-6/15

This application uses a premium quality, slow-release fertilizer to feed your lawn for the next few months. By utilizing this slow-release fertilizer, nutrients will steadily achieve the right shoot and root growing condition for your lawn.

Application 5: Post Emergent and Greening Agent: 6/15-8/1

This liquid application targets broadleaf and grassy weeds which sprout during the hot summer months. It also puts a liquid iron treatment on the lawn, causing the grass to develop a deeper shade of green.

Application 6: Fertilizer: 8/1-9/15

This is the final fertilizer treatment for the year, allowing the grass to finish its season of growth strong and green.

Application 7: Pre-emergent and Post Emergent:  9/15-11/1

This application controls broadleaf and grassy weeds that have germinated since the last treatment. The pre-emergent is a high-quality controller of winter weeds that are notoriously unsightly in a dormant lawn, such as sedges and poa annua. It will keep the lawn looking aesthetic through the winter.

Application 8: Pre-Emergent: 11/1-12/15

This application is a double round of pre-emergent that will extend the lifetime of the previous application while simultaneously protecting against winter broadleaf weeds; effectively wrapping weed control around to the following spring.

Check out https://www.harrells.com/Blog/Post/harrells-polyon-fertilizer-release for more information on the fertilizer we use!

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